Note: Headstone photos and GPS map locations for all stone in Section A, B, C & D completed.

GPS Headstone Photo and mapping explained

Note: These files are PDF searchable files, so zoom in to 300 percent and use the find to locate grave sites.

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In Memory of Len Kosiec

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In Memory of Len Kosiec Born: November 7,1943 Died: December 8,2012 Len worked tirelessly on the Cemetery project 2006 to 2012 and was president of the Fernie Heritage Cemetery Restoration Society.
FHCR Society Project Plan Nov 2012 - Authour Len Kosiec & Patrick Burke
The Fernie Heritage Cemetery Restoration Society is pleased to present our website to help you search for your relatives and loved ones. Our project started in 2006. From that date we have made great progress with cemetery restoration, data gathering, mapping, photographing and record cross referencing of the Fernie Heritage Cemetery. The project continued in 2014 with GPS mapping and photographing for of each stone for Section A in 2015, Section B in 2016, Section C in 2017 & Section D in 2018 . Work continues on cross referencing, updating the website, cleaning and straightening of monuments. Initial cleaning and repairing headstones by FHCRS was completed in August 2012. In 2020 our plan is to start over and clean & repair stones in section A followed by Section B, C, D in the coming years. FHCRS was also involved in the cleanup and restoration of the grave-sites of WW1 veterans in the Legion portion and successfully obtaining 33 stones for veterans from the DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs).

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